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Jun Muay Thai Camp Lamai Koh Samui Thailand is the newest Thai Boxing, fitness and weight loss camp, boot camp on Koh Samui and is 100% Thai owned.

Muay Thai boxing is a national sport of Thailand in which competitors may strike each other with knees and elbows as well as kicks and punches. It is a spectacular and devastating martial art demonstrating many aspects of Thai culture.

Here at Jun Muay Thai camp all trainers are highly respected ex-stadium fighters and champions with experience. The gym has a strong reputation for quality training at International and Thai levels from beginners to fighters. Jun Muay Thai is considered to be one of the top training camps in Koh Samui. Our camp is renowned for having a friendly, family and unique atmosphere. After you have trained here for the first time you instantly become one of the Jun Muay Thai family.

Everyone is welcome at Jun Muay Thai Camp, children, men and women. All training can be tailed to suit individual needs. There are 10 trainers all professional fighters who can all speak English.


Jun Muay Thai Camp is located on the tropical island of Samui. We offer fight training, Yoga, personal training, Circuit training, diet and

minutes). You then participate in the morning training session, which can include sparring, techniques, boxing, kicking pads and so on. (See heading Muay Thai Training for more details)


You can then finish your morning training session with 10 - 15 minutes of weight training yoga, and stretching. At 4pm you are back in the gym for another 2 - 3 hours of Muay Thai and fitness training in the high humidity of the tropics.


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Steve, Terry, and Charlie @ Jun Muay Thai Camp Lamai


This is an interview with

Julie Kitchen

13 x World Muay Thai Champion

Julie talks about Jun Muay Thai in her interview

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