The owner and head trainer JUN


Koson Matuwet known as Jun was born in Nakorn Si Thamarat. There he lived with his family until his father died. His mother decided to move all of her 9 children to Kan Trang the southern part of Thailand. Jun started school and was soon recognized as an all round sports person.

Jun would walk past the local Muay Thai gym in Kan Trang everyday on his way to school, and one day the owner from the gym asked Jun to come and box. Jun would go and train every day.

As a few years pasted by the owner of the gym in Kan Trang soon realized Jun had great potential, and told to Jun to go and train and fight in Bangkok, So at the young age of 13 Jun decided to move to Bangkok and train there. He gained a great deal of experience and had many fights.

Jun fought mostly at the popular stadiums which were Lumpinee and Rajadamnern. There he won many fights and Jun soon became a champion boxer with over 200 fights.

He retired from the Muay Thai stadiums and started teaching here in Koh Samui.

Jun is now the sole owner of JUN MUAY THAI LAMAI KOH SAMUI

He has an outstanding reputation as a teacher and for quality training at International and Thai levels from beginners to fighters.


Lek - head trainer

Rattansak Kruawtongkiew known as Big Lek


Rattansak Kruatongkiew was born in Nakorn Si Thamarat the southern part of Thailand.

Lek has had around 150 fights in Bangkok in Rajadamnern Lumpinee and on Chanel 7 on Thai TV.

Big Lek started boxing at the young age of 9 in Nakorn Si Thamarat and then moved to Bangkok when he was 15.

Our head trainer Lek has had 170 fights. He had won 110, lost 60 and no draws.

Lek has been working with Jun since 2005.


Von - Trainer