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Thai language uses long & short tones, high tones & low tones to describe a word, a word such as "ma" has many meanings, depending on the tone it's spoken with. For example: "kao" can mean: nine, knee, rice, come in, news, etc... depending on the tone used.

Most Thai language books are very confusing and the correct pronunciation of simple words can still be quite a challenge. The words listed below have been written as you would pronounce them in English/Spanish.

Hello = Sawa dee

Thank you (man says) = Kob Khun Krap

Thank you (woman says) = Kob Khun Ka

How are you? = Khun sabai di mai?

I am fine thanks = (man says) Pom sabai di krap.

I am fine thanks= (woman says) Chan sabai di ka.

Basically women say "ka" at the end of a sentence

while men say "krap".

You're welcome = Yin dee krap / ka

Wait = Roh sakru

I= pom (man)

I= chan (woman)

Come = ma

Come from = ma jak

I come from Australia = Pom ma jak pratet Australia (man)/

Chan ma jak pratet Australia (woman)

I love Thailand = Pom/chan rak Meuang Thai.

I love you= pom/chan rak khun


The word leu = past tense meaning it has happened already. The word is used at the end of the sentence to say something already happened.

I have come= ma leu?Go = pai?Gone already = pai leu?Go where = pai nai?Go soon = pai diauni?room= hong water= nam Toilet = hong nam?Where is the toilet? = hong nam yu nai??to enter= kao heart= jai to understand = kao jai (literally: to enter the heart)?don't understand = mai kao jai

Eat = gin

Drink = deun

Food = ahan

Candies= kanom

Have eaten already? = gin leu mai krap/ka?

Rice = kao

to eat= kin kao (literally: eat rice)

I am hungry = pom/chan heeu kao

Are you hungry? = Khun heeu kao mai?

Tasty = aroy

I have eaten already thanks = Pom/chan kin leu krap/ka

I am full thank you = Pom/chan im leu krap/ka

I dont know = Mai ru

want = ao

don't want = mai ao

now = ton ni

today = wan ni

tonight = keun ni

this morning = chao ni

tomorrow = prung ni

yesterday = Meua wan

hour= mong

what time is it? = Ton ni gi mong?

water = nam

hard= keng

ice = nam keng (hard water)

hot water = nam ron

cold water = nam yen

waterfall = nam toc

rain = fon

raining = fon toc

shower = ab nam

maybe / perhaps = Bang ti

play = len

speak = pud

funny = sanuk

I know = pom/chan ru

I don't know = pom/ chan mai ru

everything = took sing

large = yai

small = lek

fast = reu, slow = cha


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